some comments on Ian’s storytelling

 Ulapool Book Festival

‘Telling a story well, he explained, is like knowing the way-points to look out for on a sea journey: as a former coastguard, Stephen will know these better than most. A spellbinding performance.’

David Robinson, The Scotsman


 Ian at The Eden Centre (photo Christine Morrison)

Christine Morrison’s collaboration with Ian Stephen and school pupils of the Western Isles, Acts of Trust, won the multi arts category in the first British Awards for Storytelling Excellence, 2012:

‘The work produced is graced with an apparent simplicity and a deep sophistication.” It also has integrity and reflects the context from which it arose, including the culture from which the stories grew and the communities grew.’

Donald Anderson, Shetland Arts

 blind drawing (Acts of Trust)

From Joan Michael, on the literary tent at Loopalloo festival:

‘Thank you so much for your great contribution to our first ever literary tent. We have had excellent feedback from audience members. One particular comment I got about your storytelling was “he just draws you right in and it’s as if you are the only person there.”’

  ‘Voyage is a superbly crafted storytelling experience in which narrative, song, music and evocative visuals all combine to draw us into the storytelling magic…. the perfect launch for the Scottish International Storytelling Festival 2013’,

Donald Smith, Festival Director

Settle Stories                        (festival bulletin)

            This was truly an incredible journey bringing storytelling into the 21st century with style, mixing traditional tales and techniques with modern technology to great effect. Pivotal to the experience are the incredible images of Christine Morrison which are projected as a backdrop for the performers but are in themselves integral to the whole feel of the performance as they capture the varying moods of the central character in all the tales: the sea.  The stark monochrome accompaniment to tales of  drownings in the western isles gives way to startlingly bright colour for the lively re-telling of Homer’s Odyssey and the evocative image of the four birds swooping low over the waters will stay with the viewer for days.

Ian Stephen was mesmerising.’

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